Presentations by Bernard Dennis

The History of the English Longbow,

and Cheshire and Flintshire Bowmen

Bernard Dennis is a member of the British Longbow Society (BLBS) and talks about the development of bows and arrows throughout the ages, ranging from the need for hunting, the use in war and recreation, and also the legend of Robin Hood.

Bernard Dennis Longbow Presentation

The power of the English Longbow as a weapon of war was immense. The skills of the various ''trades'' involved in producing Longbows and war arrows in prodigious quantities was something we take for granted in present times. In the medieval period this would have presented huge logistical problems because of sources of basic raw materials and transportation difficulties.

The talk is illustrated with examples of a ''self'' Yew Longbow, an Old Scythian re-curve bow and modern equivalents, various types of arrows and arrowheads used for hunting, war and recreation, the development of the target and explanations of many well known phrases used in everyday language, such as ''rule of thumb'', 'brace yourself', 'the butt of the joke', 'fast and loose' etc.

Reference is also made to the Royal British Bowmen, founded in Wrexham in 1787. They were the first archery society to admit lady members and included amongst their members many of the well known gentry in the region.

Presentations available by Bernard Dennis


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No charge is made for the talk, which can last from 40 - 60 minutes depending on time constraints and content, but a donation (minimum £40.00) to the Claire House Children's Hospice Charity would be appreciated.

Bernard Dennis and friends at a recent shoot

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