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The Canal Duke

A presentation on The Canal Duke by Bernard Dennis

The Canal Duke, Francis Egerton, third duke of Bridgewater, born 1736 and died 1803 was a descendent of Sir Thomas Egerton (1540 –1617) and through the ages inherited a vast portfolio of properties in twelve counties.

This included the estate of Tatton Park and Worsley. 

It was at Worsley where significant coal reserves had been mined through the centuries. Being aware of the increasing need for coal to power the burgeoning industry of cotton and engineering in Manchester, and the very poor transport infrastructure, the third duke set upon commissioning and financing the building of the Bridgewater canal in 1760/61. 

This canal system was to reduce the cost of the coal dramatically and delivery could be relied upon. And because of its success it is reported ‘canal mania swept the nation’.


His memorial states “He sent barges across fields the farmer formerly tilled”.


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